About: Designations are specialized credentials for REALTORS®. Designations offer extensive benefits which are continually improved upon and expanded. For this reason, maintaining a designation requires annual dues and continued membership in NAR. Designations have specific core course and elective course requirements, both which may serve as approved education credits toward other NAR credentials.

About: Like designations, certifications are also specialized credentials for REALTORS®. The benefits they offer hold high value, but are not as extensive as those for designations. For this reason, maintaining a certification requires only an application fee and continued membership in NAR, but no annual dues. Certifications have specific course requirements which may serve as approved education credits toward other NAR credentials.


MCBOR REALTOR® members honored with Lifetime Emeritus status are welcome to attend all MCBOR events, and participate on committees in a non-voting capacity.  The following criteria must be met in order to apply for this status:

A member of MCBOR who has retired from real estate, no longer having an active real estate license

-Has maintained their REALTOR® status continuously with NAR for a minimum of 30 years
-Has faithfully served MCBOR during their tenure as a MCBOR Member (min 10 years)
-Has notably contributed their time and efforts toward the aims and objectives of MCBOR
-Has attained the age of 65 years

The application below must be completed, reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors before lifetime emeritus status it was awarded. Please contact the board office with any questions.