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MCBOR Application for Ohio REALTORS Leadership Academy

October 14, 2021

Interested in the Ohio REALTORS Leadership Academy?

The Medina County Board of REALTORS is looking to sponsor a REALTOR for the 2022 ORLA program. Interested applicants are asked to submit responses to the five questions below, along with a copy of the ORLA application.

Please submit both documents to the Board by Nov. 1.

Applicants will be interviewed by the Board of Directors in early November.

  1. Do you have a leadership goal for the future and have you ever held a leadership position?
  2. Who do you admire most in the real estate industry and why?
  3. How will MCBOR benefit from sending you to ORLA?
  4. How well do you know MCBOR, bylaws, mission, vision? What is the purpose of MCBOR?
  5. Why should we support you by sending you to ORLA?

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