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MCBOR Office re-opening

October 19, 2020

Last month a survey was sent asking if MCBOR should re-open the office for meetings and classes. 223 member responded – thank you! The results were as follows:

“In your opinion, should MCBOR offices be re-opened for educational classes and meetings?”

Yes 63.7% No 36.3%

“Would you be comfortable attending in person classes or meetings at MCBOR?”

Yes 60.1% No 39.9%

79 respondents provided comments. A large number of those comments suggested a ‘hybrid’ environment where those who are comfortable attending in person could do so combined with a Zoom meeting for those who prefer to be remote.

The Board of Directors decided to re-open the office for general access at this time. Visitors will be required to wear masks and complete an office entry form. The conference room will remain closed for meetings and classes.

Efforts continue to identify the appropriate time to reopen the conference room:

  1. A task force has been formed to identify maximum capacity and guidelines that must be followed when we allow in person meetings and classes.
  2. The Technology Committee is developing a solution to provide adequate equipment for Audio/Visual conferencing.
  3. Committee members will be polled to determine the number of people comfortable with in person meetings.

Once these tasks are complete, the Board of Directors will reassess the timing for opening the conference room.

Thank you again for your input!

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